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Anne Liberati is a creative trend setter and art director who has worked  for over two decades as fashion and trend director of 

Modamont-Premiere Vision Accessories Paris.


Studio Liberati has been launched in order to focus on trends and product development dedicated to footwear, bags, and accessories.





Looking forward two seasons ahead, Anne Liberati combines professional expertise with your own know-how, creates desirable 

must-haves that sell, opens new target customers, cares for sustainibility, craft knowledge and advanced process and accompanies 

brands in their creative ambition. 




Seasonal key items, must-have trends, directional developments, commercial translation and key product application

Studio Liberati expertise will provide you :


    - Creative strategies, competitive intelligence

    - Seasonal Footwear & Accessories trends

    - Material, texture and colour forecasting

    - Sample shopping




    - Key product application

    - Collection headlines

    - Footwear, bag design

    - Prototyping development


The aim of the studio is to be proactive for mainstream consumer. Through our team involving we provide our clients the right trend directions for creating best-selling and iconic products.